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Mar 5, 2013 4:00am EST
. >>> there was considerable doubt of when the pay plan will be implemented into law. more details on our website on that, as well. >>> and president hugo chavez stems down and it could create volatility in global equity markets. is that the up or down side from current levels? for more. ross. >>. >>> and still to come on the show, the future of china's growth lies in the wallets of its consumers, according to our next guest. see you in a few moments. [ male announcer ] ah... retirement. sit back, relax, pull out the paper and what? another article that says investors could lose tens of thousands of dollars in hidden fees on their 401(k)s?! seriously? seriously. you don't believe it? search it. "401(k) hidden fees." then go to e-trade and roll over your old 401(k)s to a new e-trade retirement account. we have every type of retirement account. none of them charge annual fees and all of them offer low cost investments. why? because we're not your typical wall street firm that's why. so you keep more of your money. e-trade. leor us. more for you. . >>> welcome back to the progra
Mar 4, 2013 4:00am EST
into law as soon as next year. carolin roth is in zurich. are the swiss shooting themselves in the head here? >> well, that's hard to say. a lot of people say it could impact switzerland's competitiveness negatively, though other experts have told me this morning that the fundamental res still in place because switzerland has a very low corporate tax rate, still has the right business environment. now, also, we're going to have to wait and see. to what extent these strict pay laws are actually going to be xwlekted because some people say they could be watered down quite significantly. but what it does ensure, of course, is this, you know, lower extent of short-termism in the swiss labor market. so it ensures that no corporate executive from overseas is coming to switzerland just to get that big signing bonus. but i just want to show you what the reaction has been in the newspapers. the french daily says this is a triumph. and you see his corner office as being smashed here. now, another paper says this is the historic coop. of course, they're referencing to the person who is behind
Mar 6, 2013 4:00am EST
to do with old union labor laws that exist within spain. a lot of the staff in iberia are extremely well paid. and they have been very well treated over the years. they haven't recognized the fact that if you've got 25% unemployment in the economy, you're going to have to share in the pain if you want to establish an effective productive airline. >> right. >> the bank of england giving testimony on the financial policy committee and on banking standards. we're monitoring that session. it's come out saying banks are too big to fail. the single biggest issue for supervisors, and the financial policy committee would like to have greater powers, as well, on controlling leverage. we'll keep our eyes on that. let's get back and talk about away from iag, easy jet entering the ftse 100. pretty strong load numbers yesterday, as well. it was in line with expectations. look, how -- how much further can they if? as they go to the ftse, i mean, how much is a business operation? >> they've been a successful maturing business. the reality is the legacy airlines that are going through the pain in e
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3